First photographs of the TerraSAR-X - TanDEM-X formation in orbit

The dutch archaeologist and satellite tracker Dr. Marco Langbroek managed to image the two German radar satellites TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X from ground during their formation flight in orbit with a camera. One satellite is flying in front (TerraSAR-X) while the other is following (TanDEM-X). TerraSAR-X appears slightly brighter than TanDEM-X.

(c) Dr. Marco Langbroek, Leiden, Netherlands.                           Zoom

A 10 second snapshot of TerraSAR (in front) and TanDEM-X (behind) on 28 November 2010. Flight direction is from right to left. TerraSAR-X is slightly brighter than TanDEM-X.

The satellite formation "provides a very nice sight for observers, especially since both satellites also produce slow, naked eye flares when the sun-satellite-observer angle is favourable" - so Langbroek.

(c) Dr. Marco Langbroek, Leiden, Netherlands.                             Zoom

Another 10 second snapshot on 08 December 2010. Flight direction is from left to right, TerraSAR-X (again brighter than TanDEM-X) in front.

More detail you may find: here.





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