Symposium Schedule

  Sunday, April 7, 2013                                              

  16:00-20:00    Registration, BBAW[1]

  19:00-20:00    Get-Together


  Monday, April 8, 2013                                              

  08:00-09:00    Registration, BBAW


  09:00-09:15    Welcome:                                        

                        Representative Senate of Berlin

                        J.-M. Contant,

                        Secretary General IAA

                        Representative of DLR


  09:15-10:00    Keynote Address:

                        Toward the 2nd Space Age: Public Space J. Adams,

                        Deputy Chief Technologist; NASA, HQ, USA


  10:00-10:40    BREAK, PRESS CONFERENCE


  10:40-12:20    Session 01:


                        Chair: J.-M. Contant, IAA

                        Rapporteur: H.-P. Röser, Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany


  12:20-13:30    LUNCH


  13:30-15:00    Session 02:

                        MISSIONS I

                        Chair: S. Neeck, NASA/HQ, USA

                        Rapporteur: O. Koudelka, Graz Univ. of Technology, Austria


  15:00-15:20    BREAK


  15:20-16:40    Session 03:


                        Chair: M. d’Errico, Univ. of Naples Italy

                        Rapporteur: K. Schilling, Univ. of Würzburg, Germany


  16:40-17:40    Panel Discussion:

                        Small satellites for low-cost solutions in climate change and disaster monitoring

                        Chair: M. Grimard, EADS Astrium, France


 Tuesday, April 9, 2013                                        

 09:00-10:30     Session 04:

                        Nano Sats

                         Chair: R. Kawashima, UNISEC, Japan

                         Rapporteur: J. Torley, Univ. of Colorado, USA 


 10:30-10:50     BREAK  


 10:50-12:10     Session 05:

                        CUBE SATS

                         Chair: A. Rogers JHU, APL, USA

                         Rapporteur: W. Balogh, UN, OOSA


 12:10-13:30     LUNCH


 13:30-15:00     Session 06: (Special)

                      STUDENT CONFERENCE

                      Chair: L. Paxton, JHU/APL, USA

                      Rapporteur: H. Jahn, DLR, Germany 


15:00-15:20    BREAK 


15:20-16:40    Session 07:

                      SPECIAL ASPECTS

                        Chair: L. J. Smith, Leuphana University Lüneburg, Germany

                      Rapporteur: L. Paxton, JHU/APL, USA   



  16:40-17:40    POSTER SESSION I



Wednesday, April 10, 2013                                    

09:00-10:30    Session 08:

                      GROUND SEGMENT

             Chair: C. Underwood, Univ. of Surrey, UK

                      Rapporteur: R. Laufer,  Baylor Univ. Waco, USA


10:30-10:50    BREAK


10:50-12:10    Session 09:

                      RESULTS & LESSONS LEARNED

                      Chair: M. Angulo, INTA, Spain

                      Rapporteur: Ph. Davies, SSTL, UK


12:10-13:30    LUNCH


13:30-15:00    Session 10:


            Chair: J. Esper, NASA GFSC, USA  

            Rapporteur: T. Davis, ORS Office, USA


  15:00-15:20    BREAK


  15:20-16:40    Session 11:


                      Chair: K. Brieß, TU Berlin,  Germany

                        Rapporteur: T. Kuwahara, Tohoku University, Japan



  16:40-17:40    POSTER SESSION II


  Thursday, April 11, 2013                                         

09:00-10:30    Session 12:


            Chair: M. Ovchinnikov, KIAM, Russia

            Rapporteur: T. Terzibaschian, DLR, Germany 


10:30-10:50    BREAK


10:50-12:10    Session 13:

                      MISSIONS II

                        Chair: A. da Silva Curiel, SSTL, UK

                      Rapporteur: S. Mostert, SCS, South Africa


12:10-13:30    LUNCH


13:30-15:00    Session 14:


            Chair: R. Laufer, Baylor Univ., Waco, USA

                      Rapporteur: T. Balint, NASA/HQ USA


  15:00-15:20    BREAK


  15:20-16:40    Session 15:


                      Chair: L. Maresi, ESA/ESTEC

                        Rapporteur: A. da Silva Curiel, SSTL, UK


16:40-17:40      Symposium Summary

                      Chair: R. Sandau, DLR, Germany

                      Chief Rapporteur: E. Gill, TU Delft, The Netherlands




Friday, April 12, 2013                                           

09:30-13:00      Visit to:

                      BER -NewAirport Berlin-Brandenburg "WilliBrandt"

                      (Under construction)


[1] Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften




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