Simulation of Orbit and Position Control Systems

Simulations are essential when developing orbit and position control systems. They serve as an environment model by implementing the vehicle equations of motion and a testing tool by simulating system failures. Simulations are composed of models representing different vehicle components, environments, testing functions, etc. 

The Institute of Space Systems has developed a simulation library, which is comprised of dynamics, malfunction, sensor and actuator models. These models are modular and configurable for various intended uses. This library is used to create simulations for:

  • Alternative concept studies for orbit and position control systems
  • Measuring system performance
  • Reconstructing flight data for mission data analysis
  • Flight code and hardware testing

The simulation library will be expanded if more models are developed for future projects. 

Several library modules are included in the High Performance Satellite Dynamics Simulator (HPS) , developed in collaboration with ZARM at the University of Bremen. In collaboration with dSpace, ASM Satellite is being developed.

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