Avionics Systems

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The avionics system is at the core of each space system. All control tasks, any processing of mission data and the full communication stack are handled by the avionics system. Consequently, the reliability of the avionics system is essential for any mission. At the same time the requirements for enhanced processing capabilities increases while keeping parameters like energy consumption or size of the system stable. Only by achieving such an improved performance future missions can be supported that demand for advanced processing of video data or a high degree of autonomy.

The Department of Avionics Systems works within this area in tight collaboration with the Group of Reliable Embedded Systems at the University of Bremen. The research of the department focusses on the design of new avionics concepts as well as design methodology and tools.

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  • Design
    • Analysis
    • Implementation
    • Consulting
  • Design methodology
    • Electronic Design Automation (EDA)
    • Verification
    • Testing
  • Hardware
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    • Architectural concepts
    • Design of hardware intellectual property blocks (VHDL/Verilog, Analog-Mixed-Signal)
    • Test concepts, test infrastructure and verification
  • Software
    • Operating systems, e.g. RODOS
    • Application software
    • Device drivers
    • Static analysis

Publications since 03/2012

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