Space Launcher Systems Analysis



The SART (Space Launcher Systems Analysis) group has the task of examining all types of future space launch systems and the thereof required engines by means of modern, computer-aided methods, while also utilizing the Concurrent Engineering Facility (CEF) at the DLR Institute in Bremen. One of the fundamental aims is to reduce the cost of access to space through the identification of viable technologies. Activities range from stand-alone preliminary studies to critical analysis and assessment of foreign concepts. Thanks to integrated vehicle and engine analysis performed within a single group, SART fills a unique position within the German space sector.

Together with its continuous strive to improve simulation techniques, SART also participates in the analysis of new technologies such as the currently investigated ceramic combustion chamber. Another key aspect of SART's role is the professional support provided in the definition of the German space development strategy.

SART held the system leadership for the ASTRA 2 concept (reusable booster, namely the LFBB for a future variant of Ariane 5) and works in close cooperation with industry (EADS Astrium, MT-Aerospace) as well as with DLR Institutes in Cologne, Braunschweig, Stuttgart, and Lampoldshausen on the initial outline that makes further steps in launcher development possible.

Moreover, through internal workshops innovative proposals are developed by the SART-team. These proposals intentionally diverge from conventional ideas. The visionary concept SpaceLiner under study by SART aims at creating an ultrafast passenger transport capable to cover distances like Europe-Australia within 90 minutes. The patented "in air-capturing" method by which a reusable booster stage is captured by a towing-aircraft and then returned to the launch site is another example.

SART is currently involved in different EU funded studies of hypersonic fligh like LAPCAT, ATLLAS, and FAST20XX. WOTAN and VENUS are projects that aim to develop new proposals for future expendable launcher concepts and SART is participating in the federating project "Upper Stage", coordinated by the DLR Institute for Space Systems, Bremen.

SART analyses take place in a frame of national and international cooperation.

Current examples of system analyses carried out at SART are:















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