Nano-Satellite "CLAVIS"

 CLAVIS Satellite Bus
zum Bild CLAVIS Satellite Bus

The project CLAVIS aims at the design and manufacturing of nano satellites, which allow for a low cost operation of payloads in an earthy orbit and the realisation of technology demonstration tests within very short response times. Its design shall allow for launch options with many potential launch vehicles, as well as for the operation in a huge bandwidth of earthy orbits.

From mechanical point of view, the CLAVIS concept focuses on a modular structural composition and from electrical point of view, on the realisation of plug&play features. These overall characteristics shall severely reduce the time from a customer request to the ready-to-launch space vehicle and thus reduce development and mission costs. Therefore CLAVIS is ideal for the use of standard payloads which can be operated in the NanoSat-class and it is suitable for technologies demonstration purposes (payloads or bus-components).

CLAVIS is a cross-departmental project combining all competences of the Institute of Space Systems. These competences are:

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