HPS - High Performance Satellite Dynamics Simulator

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Several library modules used for the development of orbit and position control systems are included in the High Performance Satellite Dynamics Simulator (HPS), developed in collaboration with ZARM at the University of Bremen.

HPS implements highly accurate models applicable to science missions with a high demand for measurement accuracy.  These models can be used, for example, to investigate the satellite-instrument interaction, and the effect of external disturbances on the measurement signal, to generate data to evaluate post-processing algorithms, or to test mission-specific control algorithms. Testing with Hardware-in-the-Loop is currently possible with some of the modules, and will be made possible with all modules in the future.

The HPS library is subject to a quality assurance process in which all module functionalities are tested thoroughly. The validation procedure based on automated testing provides an extensive test report. The high-precision multi-body dynamics module is validated with flight data.

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