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Crew during ascent: STS-121 Crew

In addition to ESA astronaut Thomas Reiter who will travel to the ISS on the Space Shuttle Discovery there are an additional six NASA astronauts who will take part in the STS-121Discovery mission.

Steven Lindsey is the Commander of STS-121. He has previously flown on three Shuttle missions (STS-87 and STS-95 as pilot and STS-104 as Commander. This mission included installation of the ISS Quest airlock). As Commander, Lindsey has overall responsibility for the on-orbit execution of the mission, Orbiter systems operations, and flight operations including landing the Orbiter.

Mark Kelly is the pilot on STS-121. This is his second Shuttle mission having been the pilot the on STS-108 mission. He will be responsible for systems operations and assisting in the rendezvous for docking to the Station. 

Steven Lindsey (Kommandant), Mark Kelly (Pilot), Michael Fossum (Mission Specialist 1). Credit: NASA.

Michael Fossum is Mission Specialist 1 on the STS-121 mission and as such will assist the commander and pilot, and Mission Specialist 2 with operations of the Space Shuttle systems. He will perform three EVAs, or spacewalks, during the mission together with Piers Sellers.

Lisa Nowak is Mission Specialist 2 on the STS-121 mission. Her role can be seen as the Flight Engineer during ascent and entry. In orbit, most of her tasks involve robotic operations. 

Lisa Nowak (Mission Specialist 2.), Stephanie Wilson (Mission Specialist 3.), Piers Sellers (Mission Specialist 4.). Credit: NASA. 

Stephanie Wilson is Mission Specialist 3. Her duties during the mission include robotic operations for unberthing and installing the Multi-Purpose Logistics Module, from the Shuttle cargo bay to the ISS and then back once unloaded. She will also support the robotics for the vehicle inspection and EVAs.

Piers Sellers is Mission Specialist 4. This is his second Shuttle mission having served on the STS-112 ISS assembly mission. He will perform three spacewalks during the mission together with Michael Fossum. These will test the 50-foot robotic arm extension as a work platform and testing Shuttle inspection and repair techniques.


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