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International Space Station (ISS) status on completion

System on completion
Span 109 metres
Length   80 metres
Depth (with ATV/Progress)   88 metres
Height   45 metres
Mass 450 tons
Power generation 110 kilowatts
Payload 46 kilowatts
Living and working space 1200 cubic metres
Microgravity conditions 10-6g

Operational orbit

Altitude approximately 360 kilometres
Inclination 51.6 degrees
Orbital period 90 minutes
Construction phase 1998-2010
Assembly flights
USA approximately 34
Russia approximately 5
Flights with European hardware approximately 15
EVAs approximately 160
EVA hours approximately 1920
Service life (minimum) 15 years
Flight operation
Orbit corrections approximately 5 per year
Astronaut stays (up to) approximately 6 months
From 2000 3
Post-Columbia (2003) 2
From July 2006 3
From 2009 6
Human physiology, biology approximately 45 percent

Materials research, fluid physics, physical chemistry

approximately 35 percent

Technology, telecommunication

approximately 5 percent
Extraterrestrial research approximately 5 percent
Earth exploration approximately 5 percent
Industry approximately 5 percent
Ground operations
Primary mission control Houston
Alternatively and for the Russian segment Moscow
Japan/Europe national Mission Control Centres
(Columbus from Oberpfaffenhofen)
Supply flights approximately 4 per year

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