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Alert 4 All (A4A)

4. April 2011

The Alert4All Project, coordinated by DLR, is an EU-funded collaborative project, in the frame of the 3rd Call of FP7 Cooperation Work Programme: Security, which develops an advanced concept for alert and communications towards the population in crisis situations from a European perspective.

Alert4All has two major missions:

  • In the near term, it aims at improving effectiveness of alerting systems in the EU
  • In the long term, it aims at laying the foundations for a pan European alerting system

that shall be achieved by aligning strategies, crisis management processes and ICT technologies involved with

  • available and emerging technologies
  • emerging context-awareness information sources
  • trends in social behavior
 Alert4All concept
zum Bild Alert4All concept

Consequently, Alert4All is a multi-disciplinary project that builds on a Common Operational Picture (COP), which lies on five major investigation areas (pillars):

  • Authorities and Responders Operations
  • Human Behaviour
  • Role of New Media
  • Information Management
  • Communications Technologies
 Alert4All research pillars
zum Bild Alert4All research pillars


The main objectives of Alert4All are:

In the Communications area:

  • To develop of a scalable alert message dispatcher that connects several communications technologies for a resilient alert system, that integrates satellite (satcom and satnav) component and social media as alerting channels.
  • To design suitable communications protocols that allow embedding the required features and supports smart, reliable and cost-effective transport over different technologies.

In the Information Management area:

  • To develop an information management portal that allows gathering, classifying, filtering and sharing information from different sources to build a Common Operational Picture
    • That allows easily interfacing with existing emergency management systems
    • And integrates with situational awareness and communications

In the area of Human Behaviour

  • To create a model of public response to alerts vs. influencing factors, such as social crowds, information form, redundancy, etc
  • To develop a decision making support tool to establish alert and communication strategies

In the area of New Media

  • To investigate the role of (new) media in crises within overall context
  • To develop solutions to gather, sort and filter information from social media
 Information flows in crisis
zum Bild Information flows in crisis

In the area of Authorities and Responders Operations:

  • To critically analyse current practices on crisis response operations in selected scenarios and propose optimized operative concepts to improve effectiveness of procedures for warning the population by exploiting cooperation between authorities and by supporting Alert4All features;
  • To produce learning/training materials to allow authorities and first responders learning how to benefit from the Alert4All concept.


  • To propose feasible business model for the Alert4All concept
  • To show the benefits of the Alert4All concept in critical scenarios in terms of:
    • Operative feasibility
    • Resilience, reliability
    • Effectiveness of successful cooperative crisis management

The Alert4All concept thus provides an extensive framework, covering the major aspects with the potential to improve the effectiveness of alert and communications towards the population.


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Institut für Rundfunktechnik (Germany) www.irt.de

As external member of the ethical board:
International Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities (Germany) www.uni-tuebingen.de/en/facilities/international-centre-for-ethics-in-the-sciences-and-humanities.html

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