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SecureSpace project is  focused on the analysis and the relative risk assessments for different scenarios in which satellite technologies are involved. Different sensitivities of the economy (many activities blocked or impaired by a service disruption in a large area), of the emergency operations which have typically a local based scenario are considered and other potentail impacts (in addition to telecoms and navigation functions) as the loss of time signal (currently vital to modern economy).

  • analyzing satellite technologies in overall economy structure and in emergency operations for different scenarios;
  • analyzing the risks for several disruptions (jamming, earth segment, space segment) both for communications and navigation services;
  • assessing the risk in economy sectors and in emergency operation;
  • establishing liasions with institutions already active in this framework (e.g., PSC Forum, ETSI SatEC).

DLR (Germany)
Telespazio (Italy) – Project Coordinator
GMV Aerospace and Defence S.A. (Spain)
Dip. Informatica e Automazione – Università Roma Tre (Italy)

Dr. Tomaso De Cola
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)

Institut für Kommunikation und Navigation
, Satellitennetze
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