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ESW Phase II

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Ground Traffic Simulator architecture
EuroskyWay demonstrator at Alenia premises
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Development of the ESW Communication System

The objectives to this ESA Artes 3 funded project with Alenia Spazio prime contractor and DLR partner were the development of the ESW communication system (ground and space segment) and the set-up of the ESW system as a prototype.
DLR contributions: specification of measurement point for end to end ESW-proprietary protocol performance, development of a ground traffic simulator (GTS), support during the implementation of the prototype .

Implementation of GTS

The GTS has the function to simulate the aggregate traffic of a virtual wide set of ground stations (of different type and capacity) in order to load the connection and traffic management system capabilities and to verify the end-to-end network performance by generation (and reception) of a selectable type of multimedia traffic.

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