Optische Freiraumkommunikation

Development of a testbed for an optical satellite uplink

The Optical Communication Systems Group investigates new technologies to improve the performance of free-space optical links between ground stations and aircrafts or satellites. In the project OSIRIS (Optical Space Infrared Downlink System), the group is currently developing an experimental optical terminal which is intended to be used on a LEO satellite with launch in 2013.
One part of the system is a novel optical uplink, which can be easily integrated into the system. Its low data rate (~Mbit/s) is still sufficient to greatly enhance the error correction schemes of the Gbit/s downlink.
In the framework of this thesis, the transmitter/modulator for this system shall be developed, e.g. on the basis of a standard PC or a DSP. Furthermore, a receiver for lab purposes serving the functionalities of the satellite hardware shall be implemented. All components shall be lab-tested under simulated conditions in a test bed.

Simplified block diagram of test bed; Blue parts are to be realized


  • Development and programming of Test-Tx & -Rx, based on a Microprocessor/DSP
  • Development of an opto-electronic test-bed
  • Exhaustive testing and optimization of the system


Study of Electrical Engineering, Informatics or similar


6 - 8 month 



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