Space Spectrum Survey Workshop-Details


The Program of the Space Spectrum Survey Workshop is now available, see below or find as PDF Version here.


15th November 2012

09:30h-10:00h: Registration

10:00h-10:30h: Welcome

10:30h-12:00h : System Aspects and Regulatory Issues

10:30h-11:00h: Galileo – Recent Activities, C. Weber (DLR GfR)

11:00h-11:30h: How to Implement New Technologies and Applications in a Regulated Radio Frequency Spectrum Environment, R. Ewald (DLR)

11:30h-12:00h: Analysis of GNSS Interference Impact on Society and Evaluation of Spectrum Protection Strategies, R. Jr. Landry (LASSENA, École de Technologie Supérieure (ÉTS), Montreal (Qc)) and D. A. Sanou (LASSENA, ÉTS,Montreal (Qc))

12:00h-13:00h : Lunch

13:00h-14:30h : Space Spectrum Survey from Earth

13:00h-13:30h: Signal in Space (SIS) Analysis of New GNSS Satellites, P. Schmidt (DLR), J. Furthner (DLR), S. Thoelert (DLR), and M. Meurer (DLR)

13:30h-14:00h: Design, Development and First Results of an Interference Monitor System for GNSS Reference Stations, J. Wendel (Astrium GmbH), C. Kurzhals (Astrium GmbH), M. Houdek (Iguassu Software Systems), and J. Samson (ESA)

14:00h-14:30h: GNSS Signal Spectrum Determination using the Long Coherent Integration (LCI) Method, L. Lestarquit, P. Thevenon and Y. Gregoire (CNES); Eulalia Benito Llaurado (Altran)

14:30-15:00h : Coffee Break

15:00h-16:00h : Space Spectrum Survey from Space

15:00h-15:30h: Use of a New X Band TMHD for Spectrum Survey with Cubesat, G.Guillois (Syrlinks), T.Dehaene (Syrlinks), G. Richard (Syrlinks), E.Peragin (CNES), T. Robert (CNES), and J-L.Issler (CNES)

15:30h-16:00h: Maritime Surveillance Using High Resolution TerraSAR-X Data, S. Lehner (DLR), S. Brusch (DLR), E. Schwarz (DLR)

16th November 2012

09:30h-11:30h : Signal Processing

09:30h-10:00h: JRC Activities on the Compatibility between LightSquared and GNSS Signals, C. O’Driscoll (EC JRC), D. Borio (EC JRC), and J. Fortuny (EC JRC)

10:00h-10:30h: A Compressed Sensing Analog to Information Converter for GNSS Interference Detection, A. Rügamer (Fraunhofer IIS), I. Lukčn (Fraunhofer IIS), G. Rohmer (Fraunhofer IIS), and J. Thielecke (Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

10:30h-11:00h: GNSS Vulnerability and Mitigation Techniques: Development of a GNSS Position and Timing Authentication Testbed, O. Pozzobon (Qascom), C. Sarto (Qascom), A. Dalla Chiara (Qascom), G. Gamba(Qascom), M.Crisci (ESA), and R.T Ioannides (ESA)

11:00h-11:30h: Limitations of Geolocation Systems ?, L. Sterenberg (Thales Alenia Space France) and M. Huan (Thales Alenia Space France)

11:30h-12:00h : Discussion

12:00h : Lunch

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