Institute of Communications and Navigation

Overview of the Institute of Communications and Navigation

Prof. Dr. Günther
Director of the Institute, Oberpfaffenhofen-Wessling

The Institute of Communications and Navigation develops and investigates new systems and methods for radio transmission and positioning. These are widely used in broadcasting multimedia contents as well as for internet connection of satellites, airplanes and remote areas. In the field of high rate data communications between satellite and ground the Institute works on optical free-space transmission methods.

In satellite navigation the Institute puts emphasis on safety-critical applications, which require a reliable positioning and timing information, and on positioning in urban canyons and indoors.

The activities of the Institute span from theoretical investigations to the experimental verification of components and systems. Its results play a major role in aeronautical applications and ground-based traffic.

Currently the Institute employs approximately 130 staff. About one third of staff members are PhD candidates.

Since September 2003 the Institute is led by Prof. Christoph Günther. It is divided into three scientific departments:

Besides that, the department Institute Project Management and Institute Administration leads large research projects and takes over important functions within in the Institute.

The Institute is situated in Oberpfaffenhofen near Munich and in Neustrelitz some 100 km north of Berlin.

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