Advanced Technologies for Networking in Avionic Applications

Two groups of the institute are contributing to ATENAA: The Optical Communications Group inside section Digital Networks and the Antenna Group of section Navigation.

The ATENAA project is aimed at the following objectives:

  • Define the concept for a future networked avionic environment including both moving platforms (aircraft and satellites), ground infrastructures and the related users and communication systems
  • Evaluate and develop the technologies needed for the management and the security of the avionic network
  • Assess a common set of requirements and the HW and SW technologies needed for:
    • enhancing the performances of present avionic communication systems (in terms of efficiency, transmission speed, etc.)
    • implementing the future avionic communication systems to be used in the avionic network
  • Test and validate emerging communications technologies against their applicability in the realisation of broadband communication systems for the avionic networked environment:
    • HW technologies for Ka-band communication systems (with particular reference to TX and RX avionic phased array antenna realisation)
    • HW technologies for optical communication systems (both for outside-aircraft data links realisation and for inside-aircraft broadband bus implementation)
  • Evaluate the overall performances and define a common baseline for the future demonstration and implementation of the avionic network

The Optical Communications Group is contributing on...

  • Studying the applicability of free-space optical link technology for highspeed avionic communications
  • Outer optical link communications system architecture
  • Setting up a demonstrator for outer optical link validation

The acitivities of the Antenna Group include

  • Subsystem specifications for Tx-antenna
  • Radiating element selection
  • Array definition and simulations
  • Array design and integration
  • Study and simulations
  • Antenna test and validation


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Dr.-Ing. Dirk Giggenbach
German Aerospace Center

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