Resource Management and Protocol Design

 Novel pool scheduling algorithm
zum Bild Novel pool scheduling algorithm
Novel resource management algorithms for systems employing adaptive coding and modulation

Adaptive coding and modulation is saving bandwidth and transmission capacity in systems which are affected by slowly time-varying channels as it is the case with rain attenuation in Ka-band. Such mechanisms are part of the new transmission standards for IP via satellite like DVB-S2 (forward link) or enhanced DVB-RCS (reverse link). Suitable resource management and scheduling algorithms are necessary which consider both the required QoS (Quality of Service) of the different data packets as well as the variable length of the physical layer packets in order to exploit the potential of adaptive coding and modulation. Novel resource management and scheduling algorithms (e.g. pool scheduling algorithm) have been developed for DVB-S2 and enhanced DVB-RCS which are validated by simulations in a system and protocol simulator.

 Architecture of DVB-S2/RCS system and protocol simulator
zum Bild Architecture of DVB-S2/RCS system and protocol simulator
System and protocol simulator for DVB-S2/RCS multibeam systems operating in Ka-band
Protocol stacks for the DVB-S2/RCS hub and for the DVB-S2/RCS terminals have been developed including the developed resource management and scheduling algorithms and including the encapsulation of IP datagrams into physical layer packets. All this has been integrated in a system and protocol simulator with realistic channel models w.r.t. rain fading, interference, and scintillation effects. The system simulator allows complex systems simulations to validate the developed algorithms and protocols and the assess the overall performance of DVB-S2/RCS satellite systems w.r.t. the novel algorithms for resource management and adaptive coding and modulation

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