Nautical Systems

ARPA Deneb 250
Measurement campaign at the research vessel DENEB
The Research activities of the working group “Nautical Systems” are focussed on the development of algorithm, methods, and techniques to increase the accuracy and integrity of position, navigation, and time data (PNT) for “safety-of-life” applications.These cover the application of Ground Based Augmentation Systems (GBAS), adaptive navigation algorithms and data fusion based techniques, respectively. GBAS rely on the self-validation of received navigation signals of operative GNSS and the provision of augmentation, correction, and integrity data in real time to the users. The basis for the experimental validation of GBAS in aviation (Research Airport Braunschweig) as well as seafaring (Research Port Rostock) is the Experimentation and Validation Network (EVnet) developed by the Institute itself. An integrative utilization of GNSS, augmentation systems, and other aboard sensors is necessary to achieve the complete and reliable provision of PNT data. With the gained measurement redundancy either the accuracy of PNT data can be increased or their integrity assessment can be achieved. The traffic carrier specific provision of PNT data and their integrity assessment require an application orientated development in relation to identified user needs, considered standards, and available aboard sensors. The conceptual development of the “Integrated PNT System” for the maritime traffic, the provision of enhanced components and their utilisation for traffic surveying and nautical assistance systems are key elements of the new research area “Maritime Traffic Engineering” and assigned projects.

The fields of work are:

 Monitor for the integrity assessment of GNSS based on GBAS
zum Bild Monitor for the integrity assessment of GNSS based on GBAS

  • Local Augmentation Systems
    • Augmentation techniques and concepts
    • Real time processor development for SIS validation (signal in space), derivation of specific performance identifiers, and provision of augmentation and correction data
    • Provision of real time data streams via internet streaming technologies
    • Experimental verification of the characteristics and capability of GNSS
    • Development and operation of the GNSS/GALILEO-based Experimentation and Verification Network EVnet
    • Development and operation of the experimental Ground Based Augmentation Systems: Research Airport Braunschweig and Research Port Rostock
  • SoL and high accurate algorithms and techniques for PNT data provision
    • Development of algorithms and techniques for GNSS-based multi-carrier processing and differential positioning
    • Integrity monitoring techniques
    • Experimental validation of GNSS sensors 
    • Multi-sensor based techniques for PNT data determination
  • Maritime Traffic Engineering
    • Algorithms and methods to assess traffic situation in order to gain situational awareness
    • Integrity concept, integrity models and integrity monitoring during determination and application of PNT data (SaMariS)
    • Ashore augmentation systems (ALEGRO, ASMS)  and aboard sensor fusion for precise and reliable ship navigation (PiLoNav)

Current Projects:

  • Dependable Navigation (internal project)
  • Maritime Traffic Engineering e-navigation integrity (internal project)
  • PiLoNav: Precise and Integer Localisation and Navigation in Rail and Inlandwater Traffic
  • SaMariS - Satellite based Maritime Safety
  • EMS - Systems for maritime traffic routing (internal project)

Finished Projects:

  • ALEGRO: Development of maritime local augmentation systems to support high-precise GALILEO application and services in the Research Port Rostock
  • ANASTASIA: Combined communication and navigation equipment for the civil aviation
  • ASMS: Advanced Sailing Management System
  • ESTB: Ionospheric processing facility for EGNOS System Test Bed
  • FAGI: Future Air Ground Integration (internal project)
  • GALA: Galileo overall Architecture Definition
  • GalileoADAP: Galileo Advanced Applications
  • GalileoNav: Galileo - Utilisation, application and verification (internal project)
  • Galileo B2: Evaluation of ionospheric modelling and distortion influence on BOC-signals
  • GSTB V1 STC APAF: Stand alone Test Case Atmospheric Performance Assessment Facility
  • GARMIS: Galileo Reference Mission Support
  • MITRA: Monitoring & Intervention for the Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • NAVSIM: GNSS SW Simulation Tool
  • SWACI: Space Weather Application Centre Ionosphere
  • PRIS: Prediction of Ionospheric Scintillations
  • RCAS: Rail Collision Avoidance System " Tat: New Technological
  • TAT: Approaches for Automatable Terminals in intermodal Transport
  • TOPGAL: Total Performance concept for GBAS based Automatic Landings (internal project)

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