Mobile Radio Transmission Group

Research focus of the group is positioning of mobile devices/users using radio signals, which besides GNSS comprise terrestrial cellular mobile communications systems and other dedicated wireless communications systems. The emphasis is on the integration of those different positioning technologies. In particular, methods are developed which exploit multipath propagation specifically for positioning. Furthermore, algorithms for cooperative positioning are designed. Such approaches are of high relevance for both mobile radio positioning and swarm navigation.

A further area of research is the characterization of electromagnetic wave propagation for communication and navigation. Extensive measurements are the basis for building suitable channel models for a variety of environments. These comprise models for terrestrial and maritime environments as well as channel models for aeronautical communication and satellite navigation. A detailed understanding of signal propagation properties is essential for design and development of new communications and navigation technology working in those environments.

Research topics of the Mobile Radio Transmission group include

  • Positioning with terrestrial radio systems, in particular mobile radio communication systems of the 4th generation and beyond
  • Combination of GNSS and mobile radio based positioning
  • Cooperative positioning algorithms based on signal propagation delay estimation between nodes
  • Decentralized position estimation for swarm navigation.
  • Algorithms which multipath propagation for positioning (ChannelSLAM)
  • Channel measurements and modelling for terrestrial, maritime and aeronautical environments as well as for satellite navigation
  • Development of methods and algorithms for future maritime communication systems in VHF and C-Band

Dr.-Ing. Armin Dammann
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Communications and Navigation
, Communications Systems
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