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A satellite broadband interactive system specification should essentially be composed of two main parts, one referring to the Lower Layers (LL), and a second one focusing on the Higher Layers Satellite (HLS). One such system is defined by DVB-RCS2. This comprises a series of documents produced by the DVB Project’s TM-RCS group in response to requirements delivered by the DVB Commercial Module.

The focus of this activity is the study of efficient networking and MAC techniques that are able to satisfy the requirements of this new interactive broadband satellite system (DVB-RCS NG, VSAT, mesh).

A key task of DLR in the project is the study of efficient integration of MF-TDMA DAMA mechanisms with advanced Random Access mechanisms. This aspect of the study shall deal with signalling, management and control aspects. However, particular emphasis shall be placed on congestion control algorithms.


Thales Alenia Space (Spain)
Univeristy of Aberdeen (UK)

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