CATS Symposium

Symposium on a Climate Compatible Air Transport System

Aviation has experienced a steady growth in the past that is likely to continue also in the next decades. Given the projected growth, the climate impact resulting from aircraft emissions and induced cloudiness will further increase. To avoid this a climate compatible air transportation system is required to ensure a sustainable development of commercial aviation. The cost-effective reduction of climate impact from aviation with new technologies and operations represents a complex problem involving many aspects from different fields of air traffic. It thus requires expert knowledge in the various disciplines, as well as adequate simulation and experimental resources to assess the potential of possible mitigation strategies.

Such a comprehensive assessment was developed by DLR in the project CATS (2008-2012) and presented to representatives of the aerospace industry, research institutions and federal authorities at the Symposium on a Climate Compatible Air Transport System, held the 9th of October at our facilities. The symposium provided an overview on latest DLR research results in the fields of atmospheric physics, engine emissions, aircraft design and operations. The assessment of different climate impact mitigation strategies, including changes in flight operations and aircraft design were presented to the audience and discussed in the following panel discussion with distinguished experts from Airbus, MTU Aero Engines, German Air Navigation Services DFS, Lufthansa and DLR.

The discussion enhanced the understanding about key aspects like feasibility and operational implementation of different mitigation strategies. Additionally, the symposium fostered the dialog about future research activities.

For further information concerning the symposium or the CATS project please contact Mr. Alexander Koch.           CATS-Agenda


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