Air Transportation Systems



Innovative aircraft configurations, like this "blended wing body" (BWB) concept are a core competency of the institute.

DLR Air Transportation Systems stands for research and teachings on the understanding of the system complexities in air transport.The research portfolio comprises of concepts, preliminary designs and the optimization of sub systems such as future aircraft configurations, as well as the simulation and assessment of entire air transportation systems with respect to economical and ecological sustainability.


In three departments the broad spectrum of the air transportation system is dealt with

  • The department "Integrated Aircraft Design" explores interdisciplinary design methods in association with specialists as well as new aircraft configurations and technologies.
  • The department "Air Transport Operations and Infrastructures" is concerned with the operation of aircraft by airlines and airports, including the interactions with ground-based transportation modes and
    with modelling and simulation of the global impact of future ATM systems.
  • The department "System Analysis" focuses on the development of methods for technology assessment and the cross-functional analysis and evaluation of air transportation systems.

DLR Air Transportation Systems, together with the Institute of Air Transportation Systems (ILT) at the Hamburg University of Technology, constitute an integrated institution.

This unique combination allows in an ideal manner the connection of fundamental as well as applied research and teachings and is unique in Europe on the air transportation sector.

The location within the Channel Hamburg

In Hamburg the full spectrum of aviation industry represented by aircraft manufacturers, suppliers, maintenance organisations as well as local representatives of airlines and airports is present. The location in the “Channel Hamburg” near the inner harbour of Hamburg-Harburg offers direct access both to industry partners and the campus of the Hamburg University of Technology.

In addition, the institute cooperates with many international universities and representatives of the aviation industry. The institute was jointly founded in 2007 by the German Aerospace Center and the Hamburg University of Technology. Head of the integrated entity is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Gollnick.

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