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 Rush hour on the runway
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One major element of the air transportation system is represented by the air traffic management, which aims at operating the air traffic in a safe, fluent and efficient manner.

Besides the required infrastructure, like the segmentation of the air space, the ATS routes, including waypoints and navaids with their corresponding service stations on the ground, this comprises also the air traffic flow control by slot assignment and the provision of specific procedures for the approach and departure at airports.

Environmental aspects become ever more important

In addition to noise ecological aspects become more and more important in this context. On board of the aircraft the utilisation of the infrastructure and the operation of the desired procedures necessitate corresponding flight guidance systems whose functionalities are facing very high requirements with respect to safety and accuracy in the course of the modernisation of the ATM system.

Concepts for new systems, operation procedures and flight control technologies

With its broad and system oriented competences in the field of air traffic management the department “Air Traffic Infrastructure and Procedures” focuses on the elaboration of concepts for new systems, procedures and flight guidance technologies, whose detailed analysis later on is being conducted in the responsible disciplinary DLR research institutes. In parallel, the department develops models for the interdivisional holistic assessment of the technology impact on the air transportation system level. Different levels of detail reaching up to system dynamical and complex theoretical approaches are applied for this purpose.


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