System Analysis Air Transport

Complex systems such as the air transportation system are characterized by a substantial number of components and interactions among the system elements. Therefore it is challenging to conclude a priori on the impact and added value of new technologies, hence, of changes to the system.  

Technology assessment sheds light on the impact and quantifies the added value of innovations to the air transportation system on the basis of technical, ecological and economical criteria.

Monetary Assessment of Technologies

Technical and operational innovations within the air transportation system serve primarily to increase the monetary profit of flight operations. Monetary technology assessment translates  technical and operational parameters into a monetary unit. By doing so the comparison of  technology alternatives becomes feasible. Cost-benefit models allow for estimating the accumulating costs within the full life-cycle of a technical system. This comprises of the phases research & development, manufacturing, operation including maintenance and finally disposal.


Besides pure monetary assessment the department of »System Analysis Air Transportation« as well provides assessment of sustainability of technical innovations following ISO 14040. Together with the monetary assessment this facilitates the design and optimisation of eco-efficient air transportation system concepts.

Flexible Assessment Architecture

Prime goal of the chosen assessment approach is to offer a flexible assessment architecture applicable to a wide range of use cases. The developed framework contributes to more efficiently transfer research outcome into industrial application. For this purpose research results are mapped with “real-world”-requirements within the air transportation a regular basis.

This requires a systems engineering approach for modelling the air transportation system in a holistic manner. Technology assessment therefore essentially puts the maxim of the institute and at the same time the demand to the institute: »Seeing the big Picture« into practice.

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