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HRSC - the High Resolution Stereo Camera

 HRSC - the High Resolution Stereo Camera
zum Bild HRSC - the High Resolution Stereo Camera

High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC): The Red Planet in 3-D

The High Resolution Stereo Camera (HRSC) on ESA's Mars Express mission was developed by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and built in cooperation with industrial partners (EADS Astrium, Lewicki Microelectronic GmbH and Jena-Optronik GmbH). The HRSC experiment on Mars Express is led by the Principal Investigator (PI) Prof. Dr Gerhard Neukum. The science team of the experiment consists of 45 Co-Investigators from 32 institutions and 10 nations.

The experiment on Mars Express is operated by DLR's Institute of Planetary Research.  The systematic processing of the HRSC image data is carried out at DLR and scene processing is carried out by the PI-group at the Institute for Geosciences of the Freie Universität Berlin in cooperation with DLR's Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin.

The HRSC is imaging the entire planet in full colour, 3-D and with a resolution of about 10 metres. Selected areas will be imaged at two-metre resolution. One of the camera's greatest strengths will be the unprecedented pointing accuracy achieved by combining images at the two different resolutions. Another will be the 3-D imaging which reveals the topography of Mars in full colour.

"As the two-metre resolution image is contained within a larger 10-metre resolution swath, we will know precisely where we are looking. The two-metre resolution channel will allow us to pick out great detail on the surface." says Prof. Dr Neukum.

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