Spacelife Doctoral Candidate Yu Zhang presents his thesis at the Chinese Academic Salon

Yu Zhang at the Chinese Academic Salon
Spacelife Doctoral Candidate Yu Zhang was invited to give a presentation on the topic “Investigation of Vascular Functional Changes in Microgravity” at the Symposium of German and Chinese exchange of Life Science Technology Science and Technology – 2011 Summer Academic Salon . This Symposium was organized by The Chinese Association for Life Science and Biotechnology in Germany (GCLB) and took place in Essen, Germany, on June 25th, 2011. Chinese professors, postdocs and Ph.D students who studied biology or related sciences in Germany are members of the association that was founded in 2006, supported by the Chinese Embassy in Germany. Every year, GCLB invites several professionals to give a presentation during the regular meetings.

Yu Zhang seized the opportunity to introduce the Helmholtz Research School SpaceLife and to summarize the results of cardiovascular research in space. Furthermore, he explained microgravity simulation facilities and different types of stem cells that he uses for his research project.

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