PSI 2 Solar System

PSI 2 Solar System
PSI 2 is a vertically orientated facility. It provides the possibility of simultaneous radiation exposure of a high amount of samples and their corresponding dark references on two linked stacked copper cooling plates. They guarantee a consistent temperature for both sample layers. Polychromatic radiation is conducted by metal halogenide solar simulators (1000 W/ 2000 W). A variety of neutral density filters and cut-off filters are available. This simulation chamber has been successfully used for EURECA, ERA, BIOPAN (MARSTOX 1, 2), EXPOSE-E and EXPOSE-R and will also be used for the upcoming EXPOSE-R2 exposure as preparation for the corresponding space experiments and complementing MGR experiments. In the near future it will be used for the upcoming SSIOUX experiments. The approximately homogenous illumination level on the upper cupper plate assures the simultaneous radiation of a high amount of samples with minimal shading effects. In spite of the enormous size of the recipient ultra high vacuum values are achievable in short time periods down to 5 x 10-5 Pa. Beyond that a high variety of gas compositions for the simulation of planetary environments are attachable.

General technical specification

Usable inner size L x B x H [m]: 0.26 x 0.46 x 0.15 on two stacked cold plates

Pressure [Pa]: down to 5 x 10-5

Temperature range, stability [K]: 233 – 323, +/- 0.1

Irradiation source: 1000 W / 2000 W polychromatic metal halogenide, 254 nm monochromatic Hg low pressure, 8 x D200 inserted deuterium

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