Planetary Habitat Simulation – Institute participates in European project in Slovenia

The third campaign of a study that currently takes place in the Slovenian alps investigates effects of a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) and bed rest on the human body. Bed rest causes effects on the human body comparable to a stay in weightlessness. In Slovenia, habitation in an altitude of 4000m is simulated by a decrease in the air’s oxygen concentration from 21% to 14% (normobaric hypoxia). The department Space Physiology analyses the effect on the test persons’ musculoskeletal system as part of this Framework-7-project named “Planetary Habitat Simulation”. The influences of hypoxia and bedrest are investigated to increase the understanding of physiology of the human locomotor system. Not only astronauts will benefit from this research, but also people on earth.

For further information please follow this link to the homepage of the project "Planetary Habitat Simulation"!

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