Transport Safety
Head: Dr. Alexander Gundel


The working group Transport Safety uses competences and technological innovations from aviation and space research to develop new solutions for fatigue related problems associated with road and rail transport. The working group has comprehensive expertise in sleep and performance research in aviation as well as on the space station MIR. The current research and development activities concentrate on “fatigue and transport safety”.

According to conservative estimates, about 20% of all fatal accidents were mainly caused by driver fatigue in Germany. These accidents are mostly very serious and often lead to severe driver injuries accompanied by extraordinary high material costs. The main causes of driver fatigue are insufficient and unrestful sleep, too many hours of work, too short rest periods and shift-work.

We summarize our activities under the term “Alertness Management”. “Alertness Management” is a holistic approach which includes advice on the prevention of fatigue and also guidance on methods of promoting alertness. This approach can be applied to all aspects of transportation.

The main fields of interest are:

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Prediction of fatigue – Simulation of operations (
Training in Alertness Management (
Medical screening of professional groups (Health Telematics) (
Network of competence „Fatigue in Transportation – Alertness Management“ (