Multi-Sample Incubation Centrifuge (MuSIC)

Technical data:
Acceleration up to 40 x g
Four rotation plates 42 cm

The Multi-Sample Incubation Centrifuge (MuSIC) is suitable for hyper-g-experiments up to 5 x g and more (e.g. 40 x g).

A constant level of temperature and day/night cycles of illumination can be selected. Four rotation plates with a diameter of 42 cm provide for a flexible accomodation of small incubation tubes and culture flasks for cell suspensions, plant callus cultures, small animals and aquatic organisms. The advantage of the centrifuge is the large number of easily insertable samples (up to the size of fishes) to be processed in parallel. The sample size limits the maximum amount of parallel assays on the centrifuge plate, only. A life support system for aquatic organisms is available.

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