DFG workshop „Viability in space”



May 4-5 2006


German Aerospace Center (DLR), Cologne, Germany

The DFG Priority Program 1115 „Mars and the Terrestrial Planets“ covers a wide range of research fields. This workshop will concentrate on the biological aspects. It’s aim is to open new interdisciplinary cooperation and draw more attention of the research community.

The following related topics will be discussed:

  • life in extreme environments
  • theory of panspermia
  • search for life
  • simulations of space conditions

Presentations and round table discussions shall enlarge a basis for new and extensive cooperation between the different groups and further interrelated activities. This interdisciplinary convergence shall lead to a better comprehensive approach to experiments concerning interplanetary space travel and possible putative life on earth-like planets, leading to an extension of experimental prospects for the participators.

Attendee’s who intend to give a talk (intended are ~ 15 speakers) are requested to send us an abstract by April 1st 2006.

The workshop is scheduled for 2 days (including a supporting programme) and the catering charge will be 50€ for both days. The meeting is planned for 4th and 5th of May 2006.

This workshop is open to all scientists interested in exobiology and habitability, PhD-students and Post-docs.

Abstract submission

Participants who want to give a talk or present a poster should send their abstract to the following email-address:
The abstract should be written in English and not exceed one A4 page. Furthermore, please insert the email-address of the corresponding author in these abstracts. The deadline is April 1st 2006.


Scientists who want to participate in the workshop need to register at: mailto:viaspace@dlr.de.
The registration period has expired.

Program and Time Schedule

The program for the workshop is available here (pdf-link).

E-Mail: viaspace@dlr.de
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