3rd Progress Meeting ESA-MAP GRADECET at DLR, Cologne-Porz

3rd Progress Meeting ESA-MAP "GRADCET" at DLR, Cologne-Porz

The third progress meeting of the ESA MAP GRADECET (GRAvity Dependence of
Columnar to Equiaxed Transition in peritectic Ti-Al alloys) was held at the
Institute of Materials Physics in Space, DLR, Cologne-Porz, on 14th June 2012.
12 scientist from Germany, Ireland, the Slovakian Republic, and Hungary as
well as one representative each of ESA and Astrium GmbH participated in the
meeting. Scientific and technical issues in the area of solidification in and
diffusion of Al-Ti alloys used as in high-temperature applications as
lightweight alloys have been discussed. 

The GRADECET project aims to investigate the influence of gravity on
microstructure formation and segregation in peritectic Al-Ti
alloys. Experiments are to be carried out under microgravity, 1-g and hyper-g
(up to 20g) conditions. The GRADECET project consolidates and complements
microgravity investigations of Al-Ti alloys carried out in the framework of
the integrated project IMPRESS.

During the progress meeting the preparation of solidification experiments for
the next sounding rocket campaign MAXUS-9 (scheduled autumn 2014) and on the
ESA large diameter centrifuge in Noordwijk have been discussed. A subsequent
progress meeting is planned in Budapest, Hungary, in October 2012.



Daniela Voss, ESA, Noordwijk (NL) Experiment planning: μg-MAXUS 9, hyper-g LDC
Ulrike Hecht, ACCESS e.V., Aachen (D) Preparatory experiments at Access using the power-down technique
Juraj Lapin, Academy of Sciences, Bratislava (SR)
Zusanka Gabalcova, Academy of Sciences, Bratislava (SR)
Preparatory experiments at IMSAS using the Bridgman technique
Viktor Witusiewicz, ACCESS e.V., Aachen (D) Present status of thermodynamic modelling for Gradecet alloys
Florian Kargl, DLR, Köln-Porz (D)
Karsten Binder, DLR, Köln-Porz (D)
Diffusion experiments on Ti-Al alloys: Status update and outlook
Stephan Rex, ACCESS e.V., Aachen (D)
Burkhard Schmitz, Astrium GmbH Center Trauen, Fassberg (D)
Furnace design and modelling for μg and hyper-g experiments
Shaun McFadden, Dublin Institute of Technology, Dublin (IRL) CET modelling at DIT: the Bridgman furnace front tracking model
György Tegze, SZFKI, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest (HU) Phase field modelling at RISSPO
Alexandre Viardin, ACCESS e.V., Aachen (D) Phase field modelling at Access
Laszlo Sturz,ACCESS e.V., Aachen (D) Fragmentation and freckle formation: the Rayleigh number criterion
Ulrike Hecht on behalf of Julien Zollinger, Ecole de Mines de Nancy, Nancy (F) Activities at IJL Nancy related to solidification of peritectic TiAl-alloys: experiments and modelling

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