6th project meeting for ISS MSL-EML at DLR Cologne

On 28/02/2014 an Ariane-rocket with ATV-5 will carry the materials science laboratory electromagnetic levitation unit (MSL-EML) to the International Space Station (ISS). The experiment module will be installed in the European science laboratory Columbus at the ISS. It allows for the investigation of thermophysical properties of liquid metals and their solidification under weightlessness and without any contact with container walls.

On July 4th to 6th 2012, the sixth investigator working group (IWG) meeting was held at the Institute of Materials Physics in Space, DLR in Cologne. Scientists from Europe, USA and Asia, representatives from industry (Astrium), staff members of the Microgravity User Support Center (MUSC), and representatives of the space agencies ESA and DLR meet to discuss and coordinate the current
scientific and technical issues of EML.

I.Egry und D.Matson vor dem EDR EML Trainings-Modul

I.Egry and D.Matson in front of EDR EML Trainings Model at EAC, Cologne

Prof. Ivan Egry announced his decision to retire from his longstanding leadership of the IWG, after a dedicated and fruitful tour of duty.
Douglas Matson, associate professor at Tufts University in Medford (United States) was elected as his successor. As deputy spokesman, Stefan Klein from the Institute of Materials Physics in Space was selected.

In addition, the participants visited the training model of the experiment at the neighboring European Astronaut Centre (EAC) where the astronauts are trained for the installation and operation of the planned missions.


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