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The department Optical Information Systems (OS) of the German Aerospace Center (DLR) has special knowledge in the field of optical information systems for aerospace technologies. Os has sound expertise on camera-/spectrometer technology, high speed low noise A/D conversion, signal theory, image processing/capturing, project management and storage technology of large data volumes. In general the aerospace technologies are mainly on the technological edge.

DLR is interested in transferring the technological know-how into the industry. The best way to do that is by means of a co-operation between DLR and industry . The project partner has after the joint spin-off project all rights and knowledge for the integration and production of the products in which the DLR technology is included. In that case the high-end technology of DLR opens the door for the success on the market.

The department Optical Information System of the DLR made very successful spin-off projects in the past and is interested in such projects for the future. OS concentrate their scientific work on optical information systems technologies and algorithms. This expertise is the basis for the next commercialising projects.


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