Working Group Applications and Geographic Information

     Klassifizierung im Stadtgebiet

     basierend auf hochauflösenden

     Multispektral- und Höhendaten 

     Bild: DLR (RM-OS)

     Segmentierung von

     urbanen Dachflächen

     mit Klassifizierung

     der Dachneigung

     Bild: DLR (RM-OS
     Digitales Oberflächenmodelle
     gewonnen aus
     Bild: DLR (RM-OS)

This study group deals with the visualization and evaluation of generated data products. Interpretation, method development and continuing analyses in geosystems information form the final step of the hierarchical process chain of the department of sensors and applications. Our core competence lies in the development of applications based on multi-sensorial and multi-temporal data in different resolutions.


Many applications from the areas of geographic information, cartography and measuring can be already realized with the end products from 3D processing. In addition the high quality and position accuracy of digital surface models and ortho mosaics offer multiple possibilities for the partial- automated and automatized information retrieval and object extraction. Automatized analysis and evaluation is ensued with the aid of classification methods and in the field of geographic information systems – including 2D and 3D extractions.

Grid operators are e.g. environmental monitoring and vegetation mapping (the capture of ecological magnitudes.



Thematic main focus 

  • cities
  • forests
  • geology
  • traffic
  • archaeology



Methodical main focus 

  • GIS and cartography
  • object-based classification
  • data fusion
  • detection of change and mapping



Data basis 

  • multi-spectral (air-launched/ satellite-launched)
  • digital … (laser/ photogrammetry)
  • thermal
  • hyper spectral



Currently running Doctoral theses


Corinna Brüsshaber MSc (G IS)

Modern ways in city monitoring: Application of multitemporaler airborne-supported remote sensing data for the derivation of surface and cultivation change – joint development with the Berlin Stadtspree. (Berlin HU Berlin DLR)


Diploma engineer (FH) Anna Maria Trosset

Optimization of the methods to capture independent scales of roof geometry for city and town structure masses based on satellites and digital airborne data. (Berlin FU Berlin DLR)


Aufnahme archäologischer
Fundstätten mit Oktokopter in der
Bild: DLR (RM-OS)
Photogrammetrisch abgeleitetes
Oberflächenmodell einer
uigurischen Anlage im Orchon-Tal
Bild: DLR (RM-OS)
Hotelanalage in Khao Lak
(Luftbild in Echtfarbe)
Bild: DLR (RM-OS)
Hotelanalage in Khao Lak,
Bild: DLR (RM-OS)

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