Project SNS (sensor network for situational awareness and analysis)

Original image (top) and depth map (bottom) as a basis for 3D modeling of the environment

Image: DLR RM-OS

The DLR project SNS (sensor network for situational awareness and analysis) is part of the project driver assistance systems and aims the development, the evaluation and the demonstration of optical technologies for vehicles.

The department of optical information systems is responsible for vehicle based optical sensors within this project. It contributes to conception, test and operation of monocular and stereo cameras, its spatial and temporal referencing and to image data processing. The scientific goals on this area within the project are:

  • Provision of sensor systems for test vehicles
  • Detection of lanes
  • Optical localisation
  • Multi-sensor localisation (using additional GPS and inertial measurement units)
  • 3D modelling

Dr.-Ing. Sergey Zuev
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Optical Sensor Systems
, Information Processing of Optical Systems
Tel: +49 30 67055-289

Fax: +49 30 67055-532

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