50 years Institute of Atmospheric Physics

June 2012

The DLR Institute of Atmospheric Physics celebrates its 50th anniversary. The institute was founded on 1 July 1962 from two precursory institutes, the Institute of Aviation Meteorology and the Institute of Airspace Research. This event will be acknowledged by a scientific colloquium on 29 June 2012 with contributions by invited speakers from different countries.

By this occasion scientists and colleagues of the institute have summarized the research area of the institute and many results in a book titled “Atmospheric Physics – Background, Methods, Trends”. The book is edited by Prof. Schumann and will be published by Springer.

The anniversary also marks a transition in the leadership of the institute. On 30 June 2012 Prof. Dr. Ulrich Schumann retires from his position as the director of the institute after almost 30 years. From 1 July Prof. Dr. Markus Rapp will be the new director. Prof. Rapp is also appointed as a professor for atmospheric physics at the Ludwig-Maximilians university of Munich.

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