WxFUSION – Forecasting of weather hazards – HGF supports the start-up of a new company

January 2013

The novel system “WxFUSION” for forecasting thunderstorms has been developed at the department of cloud physics and traffic meteorology of the Institute of Atmospheric Physics. The technology uses satellite and ground-based radar data to identify, track and forecast thunderstorms up to one hour. In addition, the system automatically sends thunderstorm warnings via email as soon as a thunderstorm is detected within 100 km of a chosen location, e.g. an airport. Overall, the new technology contributes to increase safety and efficiency in aviation. The high temporal and spatial resolution of the thunderstorm information, every 5th minute and every 1km at best, and output in an international standard format aiming at a small data volume are considerable benefits for the users. This allows the data also to be transmitted into the cockpit of aircraft via data link technology.

Within the framework of the HGF programme “Helmholtz Enterprise” the Helmholtz community fosters the critical start-up period of new companies and contributes to the transfer from science to application. WxFUSION will be financially supported with 100.000 Euro by this program. At least the same amount will be contributed by DLR. The aim is to facilitate the transfer of new results and technologies in the field of traffic meteorology to the market. The general public can then benefit from the scientific results as fast as possible.


Dr. Caroline Forster

Tfn: 08153 28-3174

Dr. Arnold Tafferner

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