Earth System Modelling

Head of the department: Prof. Dr. Robert Sausen


The department “Earth System Modelling” investigates the movement and chemical composition of atmospheric air and the associated energy and mass fluxes with the help of numerical simulation and appropriate observation data. The department has currently three main working areas: climate modelling, process modelling, and the information technology administration.

The research topics include

  • transport and climate
  • coupled dynamical and chemical processes in the global atmosphere
  • climate effects of aerosols
  • investigations on water vapour, ice-saturated regions, and cirrus clouds
  • propagation of sound with the consideration of meteorological conditions
  • clouds and convection in global climate models
  • linkage of remote-sensing data and numerical model simulations
  • development of Lagrangian transport schemes for global atmospheric models
  • development of simplified climate models

The department uses mainly the following simulation models:

global models of the atmosphere and the climate system, in particular the coupled dynamic-chemistry model EMAC (ECHAM-MESSy-Atmospheric-Chemistry) for large-scale processes and interactions

  • the mesoscale model COSMO embedded in EMAC for regional studies
  • the mesoscale model EULAG for the simulation of local atmospheric processes
  • the simplified climate model AirClim for assessing the role of single anthropogenic climate influences and of mitigation measures
  • numerical models to simulate the propagation of sound in the inhomogeneous atmosphere (AKUMET, AKU3D).

Diverse meteorological data sets (e.g. numerical analyses of the ECMWF, long time-series of in-situ data, satellite data products) are used in the research work. Special diagnostic and statistical tools are applied and further developed for the data analysis.

Prof.Dr.rer.nat.habil. Robert Sausen
German Aerospace Center

Institute of Atmospheric Physics
, Earth System Modelling
Tel: +49 8153 28-2500

Fax: +49 8153 28-1841

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