current DLR- und HGF-projects:

project goal contact IPA period funding by
ADM-Aeolus III Validation of the ADM-Aeolus mission Reitebuch 2011-2015 DLR
AerCARE Impacts of aerosol layers on atmosphere and climate Weinzierl 2010-2016 HGF
AEROTROP Impact of aircraft emissions on atmospheric chemistry and climate Voigt 2007-2015 HGF
ALIMA Development and deployment of an airborne lidar for studying gravity wave dynamics Kaifler 2013-2018 DLR
Cb-global Global thunderstorm nowcasting Gerz 2013-2015 DLR-Technologiemarketing
CCNC Investment project: cloud condensation nucleus counter Weinzierl 2012-2016 HGF
CORAL Continuous lidar measurements of gravity waves in the middle atmosphere Kaifler 2015-2018 HGF
ECLIF Biofuel impact on contrail and climate Kärcher 2014-2018 DLR
EnviTrans Centre of Excellence Environment and Transport Sausen 2013-2015 DLR
ESMVal Earth system model validation Eyring 2011-2015 DLR
L-bows Land-Based and Onboard Wake Systems Holzäpfel 2014-2017 DLR
MACClim The role of middle atmosphere in the changing climate Garny 2015-2020 HGF
SALTRACE Saharan aerosol long-range transport and aerosol-cloud interaction experiment Weinzierl 2013-2016 DLR, HGF
VEU I and II Determination of environmental effects of traffic development scenarios Sausen/Heimann 2010-2017 DLR
WeCare Climate compatible and ecologically efficient aviation Grewe 2013-2017 DLR
VolcATS Volcanic ash impact on the air transport system Schlager 2012-2016 DLR


current third body projects (co-ordinated by IPA):

project goal contact IPA period funding by
A2D-Noise Analysis of noise of the ADM-Aeolus prototype A2D Reitebuch 2013-2015 ESA
ClimVal Evaluation of climate models Eyring 2012-2015 BMBF
CONCLUSION Formation of contrail clusters in areas with dense airtraffic Unterstraßer 2010-2016 DFG
COSMO-MUC Adapting the COSMO model for airport MUC Sölch 2013-2015 DWD
GW-LCYCLE Investigation of the life cycle of gravity waves Rapp 2014-2017 BMBF-ROMIC
ML-Cirrus HALO Mission on Mid Latitude Cirrus and Contrail Cirrus Voigt 2013-2016 DFG
PACOG Study of gravity wave processes focusing on ground based lidar observations Rapp 2014-2017 DFG Forschergruppe MS-GWAVES
SHARP-BDC Role of the Brewer-Dobson circulation Dameris 2009-2017 DFG
SHARP-STC Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling Dameris 2009-2017 DFG
SHARP-WV Stratospheric water vapour and climate change Jöckel 2012-2015 DFG
LIPS Weather-dependent sound field in the vicinity of wind turbines Gerz, Heimann 2013-2015 BMU


current third body projects (partnership):

project goal contact IPA period funding by
ADM-Aeolus Algorithmen Developement of L1B algorithms for ADM aeolus Reitebuch 2014-2016 ESA
A-LIFE Absorbing aerosol layers in a changing climate: aging, lifetime and dynamics Weinzierl 2015-2020 EU
ARISE-2 Ground based lidar observations of convective gravity waves Rapp 2015-2018 EU Horizon 2020
CRESCENDO Coordinated Research in Earth Systems and Climate: Experiments, Knowledge, Dissemination and Outreach Eyring 2015-2020 EU Horizon 2020
DRAGON-3 Promoting the cooperation between Europe and China in the field of Earth observation Reitebuch 2014-2016 ESA ESRIN
DRIHM Distributed Research Infrastructure for Hydro-Meteorology Tafferner 2011-2015 EU
EMBRACE Earth system Model Bias Reduction and assessing Abrupt Climate change Eyring 2011-2016 EU FP7
ESA CMUG Evaluating and Benchmarking Earth System Models with ESA CCI data Eyring 2014-2017 ESA
FORUM-AE Emissions Matthes 2013-2017 EU FP7
HAIC High Altitude Ice Crystals Voigt 2013-2016 EU FP7
HD(CP)2 Wolken Parameterization of ice clouds in ICON Burkhardt 2012-2016 BMBF
HD(CP)2-S1 (Diagnostic) Diagnostic infrastructure for ICON Jöckel 2012-2016 BMBF
HIKARI High speed key technologies for future air transport Grewe 2013-2015 EU
HOLAS Pulsed Holmium-Laser for Atmospheric CO2 Monitoring Fix 2013-2015 ESA

Infrastructure to measure the composition of the atmosphere with instrumented aircraft

Ziereis 2012-2016 BMBF
IS-ENES2 Infrastructure for the European Network of Earth System Modelling Eyring/Jöckel 2013-2017 EU  
MERLIN MERLIN satellite mission for lidar remote sensing of methane Ehret 2014-2015 Industrie
MiKlip-FLAGSHIP Feedback of a limited-area model to the global scale implemented for decadal hind-casts and projections Jöckel 2012-2015 BMBF
Ozone_cci Climate Change Initiative: ESSENTIAL CLIMATE VARIABLE OZONE Dameris 2010-2016 ESA
MiKlip-STRATO Role of the stratosphere for decade climate forecasts Dameris 2011-2015 BMBF
StratoClim Stratospheric and upper tropospheric processes for better climate predictions Dameris/Schlager 2013-2018 EU
StraVARIA Autonomy Considerations for Platforms Flying in the Stratosphere Gerz 2015-2017 Bay. Wirt-Min.
TeFiS Remote Sensing of volcano ash with MSG-SEVIRI Graf 2014-2017 DWD
UFO Wind measurement in airport vicinity Hagen 2012-2015 EU
VERTIGO Volcanic ash: field, experimental and numerical investigations of processes during its lifecycle Weinzierl 2014-2017 EU
WindMUSE Wind turbine in a multidisciplinary simulation environment Gerz 2014-2016 BMU


terminated projects - research continues:


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