Experience in the field of control of CCD sensors of different sizes as well as in the preparation of their specific signal outputs enables the development of sensor-close and subsequent analog signal processing up to the analog-to-digital conversion and the transfer to the following image processing unit.

 AF AC TopSide 3D
zum Bild AF AC TopSide 3D

Extreme demands on the stability of the developed circuit components over a wide operating temperature range support (-85 ° C to +20 ° C), and precise signal amplification in the lowest range of the sensor output signals close to the noise limit ensure as the first part of the signal processing chain, the detection of extremely low-light objects in front of a dark background.

On the other hand, all of the signals needed for controlling the sensors are generated to correct aging processes of the image sensors.

The modular design of the circuit modules allows to support the control of multi-sensor systems.

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