Lock & Check-out-Room


This room is used for donning and doffing personal cleanroom suits before entering cleanrooms. It also provides guest cleanroom suits. Outer packaging material is removed here and pre-cleaning with vacuum cleaner, pressurized air and pre-soaked IPA wipes. First rough incoming inspection of hardware is also done here.

 Check-out room (cleanroom)
zum Bild Check-out room (cleanroom)


This room supports cleanroom ISO 5 environment and is used for check-in and check-out of material and hardware into and out of the cleanroom area. It provides material for cleaning, i.e. cleaning tissues, swabs, ultrasonic baths, rinsing tank, detergents, IPA, ultrapure water etc.

Furthermore a microscope, magnifying glasses and bright light are available for visual inspection. Preparation and packaging for transport is done here as well.

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