Calibration and TV laboratory

This is an ISO 8 cleanroom with optional ISO 5 laminar flow boxes, optical benches and tables providing space for integration and testing works as well as a thermal vacuum chamber called “SESiLOX”.

 TV and sensor calibration lab (cleanroom)
zum Bild TV and sensor calibration lab (cleanroom)

This chamber has an integrated internal and external optical table, several electrical feedthroughs, one or optionally more optical windows and a temperature controlled shroud with 7 independent temperature zones.


  • usable space 1.5 m x 1.0 m diameter
  • temperature range: -170°C … +120°C
  • pressure < 1E-6 mbar, oil-free turbo pumps
  • low vibration due to mechanical insulation and vibration-free pumps
  • high cleanliness due to design, operational regime and plasma cleaning

Optical tests can be performed in combination with other cleanroom through wall breakthrough.
A planetary simulator is available to simulate fluxes from planetary surfaces like e.g. Mercury.

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