Planetary Sensor Systems

Abteilung Planetare Sensorsysteme
Planetary Sensor Systems

The section Planetary Sensor Systems at DLR as part of the Institute of Planetary Research, located in Berlin-Adlershof specializes in the design and development of instruments for planetary exploration in close collaboration with industry and other scientific institutions world-wide, but with emphasis on Europe (ESA) and the USA (NASA).

The section mainly consists of engineers, physicists, and technicians with many years of experience in the development of scientific instruments for space applications. Our main focus is on the design and development of passive and active imaging instruments like digital camera systems for space but we also are involved in projects for ground-based astronomy and other scientific and commercial applications requiring exacting sensor performance and/or subject to special conditions such as operation in a harsh environment.

Our scientists and engineers have participated in many space projects like Astro, Phobos, Equator-S, Cassini, Mars-96, Mars Pathfinder, Rosetta, Mars-Express, either as system engineers, project managers or as design engineers. The team is specialized in the design of sensor electronics including signal and data processing as well as in miniaturization and high performance sensor electronics for space and other harsh environments. PS is also involved in design of optics and opto-mechanics in close collaboration with other institutions and industry.

Completed projects

  • Instruments for the Rosetta mission
  • Mars-Express cameras
  • Rokviss: Stereo camera for the International Space Station ISS
  • Automatic fire detection camera system in forest (AWFS)
  • CCD-sensor electronics for Harvard-Smithsonian
  • HRSC-A: High Resolution Airborne Stereo Camera
  • Proximity electronics for a 9k x 7k CCD

Current projects and technology studies

  • GAIA-Focal plane demonstrator
  • Planetary Microcamera
  • Smart Panoramic Sensor
  • Laser-Altimeter for planetary research
  • Sensorelectronics for the Venus-Express Camera (VMC)
  • Sensorelectronics for the DAWN-Imaging system

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, Planetary Sensor Systems
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