Data-base of physical properties of Near-Earth Asteroids (NEAs)

July 2013

The EARN NEA Database
 NEAs and their sources
zum Bild NEAs and their sources

Since several years, the EARN NEA Database has been sponsored by ESA as part of the SSA Programme. It will in short be part of the SSA NEO Coordination Center at ESRIN, Rome, Italy [Link].

The Database is constantly growing, given by the rapid increase in the NEO detection rate, currently at about 1000 new discoveries per year. By checking all publically available literature (and online data services) a comprehensive update of published data and papers is achieved on a nearly daily basis.

As of July 2013, more than 1300 individual references are included in the literature database.

  • 261 asteroids with H-values determined
  • 523 asteroids with albedo or diameter entries
  • 555 asteroids with taxonomic types determined
  • 654 asteroids with rotational periods and/or amplitudes determined
  • 135 asteroids with colors determined
  • 383 asteroids with radar observations obtained
  • 53 binary asteroids

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