26 August 2008

Alliance Week
May 13-16, 2008

Day 1 (May 13, Tuesday)

13:00 Welcome

13:15 Introduction (T. Spohn)
13:45 Origin of water and organic matter on the early Earth (C. Tornow)
14:15 Atmospheric conditions for planetary habitability and the detection of biomarkers (H. Rauer)
14:45 Escape processes and their impact on the evolution of planetary atmospheres and water inventories (H. Lammer)

15:15 coffee

15:45 From a Gaia to a thermodynamic perspective of Earth system evolution (A. Kleidon)
16:15 Radiative transfer, climate and clouds in planetary atmospheres (T. Trautmann)
16:45 The role of atmospheric transport processes in planetary atmospheres (U. Langematz)

17:15 end


Day 2 (May 14, Wednesday)

  9:30 Geologic context for life throughout the solar system (R. Jaumann)
10:00 Possible habitats on Mars:  What should we look for? Where should we go? (E. Hauber)

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Geological processes creating possible habitable zones (H. Hiesinger)
11:30 Stratigraphy and ages of possible habitable zones (G. Neukum)
12:00 Periglacial environments on Earth (L. Schirrmeister)

12:30 Lunch

13:30 Impact cratering on planetary surfaces: field studies (U. Reimold)
14:00 Impact cratering on planetary surfaces: experimental and modelling studies
  (K. Wünnemann)
14.30 Differentiation of a magma ocean - implications for the evolution
of plate tectonics and the geodynamo (U. Hansen)

15:00 Coffee

15:30 Internal structure of the terrestrial planets (F. Sohl)
16:00 Differentiation and volatile loss from the interior of Mars (K. Mezger)
16:30 End

19:30 Public Lecture (at Urania)


Day 3 (May 15, Thursday)

  9:00 Planetary dynamo and magnetism (J. Wicht)
  9:30 Mantle dynamics, heat and volatile transport (D. Breuer)
10:00 Geomicrobiology (interaction of microorganisms with mineralic components, particularly iron) (U. Szewzyk)

10:30 coffee

11:00 Water bearing minerals on Mars - from orbit observations to laboratory experiments and back (J. Jänchen)
11:30 Water: From the bulk into confinement (M. Chaplin)
12:00 Biofilms and Water Retention (H.-C. Flemming)

12:30 Lunch

13:30  Solar system landing missions: how to get to the places of interest for habitability? (L. Richter)
14:00 Non-racemic material as tracer of life on Earth and prebiotic material in comets - and how to find it? (H. Boehnhardt)
14:30 Robotic technologies for planetary exploration missions (B. Schäfer)
15:00 End

16:20 Social Event


Day 4 (May 16, Friday)

  9:15 Administrative Issues

10:00 coffee

10:15 room for Splinters (open end) 


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