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In recent years, communication technologies have fundamentally changed almost all areas of life, such as industry, commerce, transport, administration, healthcare, environmental protection and entertainment. Information and communication technologies are of great economic importance, as they often form the basis of added value in products and services. Innovative products and services create growth, which in turn creates new jobs. Germany holds a leading global position in innovative communication systems such as mobile broadband networks, fixed line network technologies, new Internet technologies and in vehicular communications.
Reinforcing Germany’s strengths in the field of communication technologies and enhancing its competitive advantage is an important part of the remit of the DLR-PT “Information Technology” which we carry out on behalf of the BMBF.

The working group “Communications Technology” implements governmental project funding in national, European and regional contexts. The supported funding areas are centred on fields with great societal demand (e.g. network security, communication services for demographic change, expanding the Internet), application industries (automotive industry, production engineering, medical technology), industries that create high added value (services), and on developing new technologies to establish global standards in the fields of core, metro and access networks.

The working group “Communications Technology” supports the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in designing new funding strategies and long-term research programmes. Intensive collaboration with potential applicants and project partners has allowed us to develop a broad overview and excellent contacts in the German industrial and scientific scene. Based on calls for proposals and expert discussions, we initiate large-scale innovative joint projects between industry, small and medium-sized businesses, research institutions and universities, creating open cooperative networks that are constantly expanding.

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