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Petra Nitzsche
Head of Quality Management Division

 Quality Efficiency
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Quality Management

DLR aims to rank among the best research establishments in Europe. We also place this expectation on the quality of our scientific results and technology developments. The objective of the quality management division is to provide a sustainable basis.

A DLR-wide applied quality management system tailored in an optimal way to the different needs of the institutes and establishments represents the baseline.

The Quality Board consisting of the executive board members providing the DLR quality policy decides on top-level objectives. By means of the basic system, supported by a well-established audit system as well as the consulting of institutes and establishments, we succeeded in building up and consolidating a sustainable quality management.

The three coordinated elements development of a basic system, auditing, and consulting characterize the range of responsibilities of the quality management division. Future objectives are focused on business excellence aspects and sustainability.


Petra Nitzsche
German Aerospace Center

Quality and Product Assurance Department
, Quality Management
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E-Mail: Petra.Nitzsche@dlr.de
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