Tailoring of Project-Specific Product Assurance Requirements

Catalog of Product Assurance Requirements

Under our direction and in close cooperation with experts of the German Space Industry, a catalog of product assurance requirements has been drawn up providing the core from which project-specific product assurance requirements can be prepared and tailored to the specific needs.

The document specifies product assurance requirements with regard to the following fields:

  • product assurance management
  • quality assurance and verification
  • reliability, maintainability, availability
  • safety
  • EEE-parts and provision
  • materials, mechanical parts and processes
  • software quality assurance
  • ground support equipment
  • mission performance.

Expert System Tailoring Tool QMExpert

The software (QMExpert) as developed by us for the tailoring of project-specific product assurance requirements is based on a knowledge that covers the experience of industry and agencies in national and international spaceflight; QMExpert follows standards of international spaceflight and the existing standards of the European Cooperation for Space Standardization (ECSS).

With QMExpert, a DP-Tool is at DLR’s disposal, which presently represents a highly-considered, top-class product in spaceflight management.

Tailoring is based upon the evaluation of tailoring criteria (project characteristics):

  • type of project
  • complexity
  • budget
  • life cycle
  • risk policy.

With tailoring, the profile of requirements differs in

  • in the amount of deliverables and individual procedures
  • in the nature of methods to be applied
  • in the extent of  contractor’s verification
  • in the number of actions to be considered during design.

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