Product Assurance Requirements


We develop individual product assurance requirements to suit each particular project requirements. They serve as a mandatory agreement and contractual means to guarantee a high quality standard both in the preliminary phase as well as during the process of the product manufacturing. Our expertise in this field means quality and cost reduction. Thus, product assurance requirements become a fundamental element in the business dealings between customers and suppliers and which, in addition to purchase and delivery conditions, form an essential part of the statutory framework of acts of sale. On signing, the supplier undertakes a secondary obligation in which the customer’s compensation claims versus the supplier are set out. The supplier is expected to process his quality management according to the customer’s defined requirements and to provide the corresponding detailed verifications.

Project-specific Product Assurance Requirements

The realistic estimation and budget-oriented product assurance are given highest priority. The complexity of product assurance requirements results from the project characteristics and the profile of requirements. Project characteristics are identified with regard to programmatic, operational, and technical aspects. Programmatic characteristics with a stronger subjective element focus on the strategic considerations of a project such as risk policy, political, financial, economic, and contractual principles while questions concerning mission, system technology, as well as scientific and product-orientated factors determine the more objective, technical characteristics.

Prior to the start of a spaceflight project, we perform an evaluation of these facts and subsequently develop adequate requirements that are derived by tailoring.

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